Off Grid & Backup



Growatt SPF5000 Solar Inverter


The SPF series is perfect for on or off-grid, hybrid or battery back up power applications. Pure sine wave output  230v 50Hz, Two built in MPPT’s  For increasing off-grid capacity.


  • Local graphical LCD and four buttons.
  • Compact design, 12.5KG@482*450*140 mm.
  • Source priority to charge battery and power load are programmable..
  • Two built in MPPT charge controllers for more yields.
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium battery.
  • Support utility grid and generator voltage input.
  • Maximum number of units in parallel is up to 6. (coming soon)
  • Suitable for single phase and three phase system. (coming soon)
  • Charging power is expandable by adding expansion charge controller unit. (coming soon)


At a Glance

  • 5KVA (4KW) AC Output
  • 48v Battery Bank (Lithium/Lead Acid)
  • MPPT Voltage Range 60-115VDC
  • 2 x MPPT Trackers
  • Max. PV Input Power 3500W


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